Q: How do I replace the impeller on my A3/A5 Pump?

A: *Be sure to disconnect the unit from the power source before starting*

1. Remove 4 – 5/16” screws securing the pump reservoir to the motor plate assembly.

2. Lift motor plate assembly out of reservoir and place on a suitable work surface with the impeller facing up, (motor down) (Figure 1).

3. Remove 6 – 3/8” screws securing the impeller cover and remove base plate to expose the impeller.

4. Secure motor shaft with vice-grip type locking pliers to prevent rotation. (Figure 2)

5. Remove impeller by rotating counterclockwise.

6. Attach new impeller rotating clockwise until tight.

7. Verify that impeller is fully engaged on the motor shaft. Top of impeller blades should be positioned below the impeller chamber rim. (Figure 3)

8. Manually spin Impeller to verify that it is not making contact with the impeller housing

9. Reassemble the base plate and pump reservoir in reverse order of dis-assembly.

10. Test cycle pump to verify that pump is operating properly.