Q: My LTA-1 is running constantly. What can I do to fix it?

A: Your LTA-1 diaphragm switch may be clogged. Follow these simple instructions to clean out the switch.

1. Unplug the pump.
2. Remove the pressure switch by removing the five screws holding the switch in the switch enclosure (this is the round piece next to the housing).
3. Clean the switch enclosure with mild soap and water (do not use abrasive chemicals).
4. Locate the small tube that runs from the switch enclosure to the impeller housing and clean this tube out with a thin wire or pipe cleaner.
5. Reattach the switch, plug in the pump and test the pump.


If this does not fix your problem, you will need to replace the switch. The replacement switch assembly is part # 610102 and can be purchased here: http://catalog.hartell.com/item/parts-accessories/replacement-switches/610102.