Condensate Pumps

Condensate Pumps

Hartell’s Condensate Pumps are redefining the commercial condensate pump market.


New features including quick connect, serviceable check valve and reversible reservoir with standard provisions for low level inlet, provide more installation options and easier maintenance. Hartell uses oil and chemical resistant high temperature rated materials with robust design elements to provide a new standard of quality and long service life. Hartell’s new pumps also provide three new levels of motor bearing protection from steam and water splash to ensure maximum motor life. Hartell’s A3 and A5 Series Pumps are equipped with a new check valve design and improved fluid flows to make these pumps quiet and reliable.

PLENUM PLUS PLENUM PLUS Commercial Grade Series of Condensate Pumps

A2 Pump The A2 is heavy duty, automatic drain pump designed for applications that require movement of hot water.  

High Temperature Condensate Pumps High Temperature Condensate Pumps

AL2 Pump The AL2 pumps are designed for pumping large surges of water.

High Volume Condensate Pump The L4 commercial grade condensate pump series is designed for pumping large quantities of water.

Steam-Rated Commercial Grade Condensate Pump, Model SC-1A Hartell’s steam-rated condensate pump is designed expressly for the automatic return of condensate to a collection point where radiation has been added to existing systems below the return.